Ref. 112.HD/R516


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Ref. 112.HD/R516
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Una tarjeta R516T soporta un area de 128x1024 pixels

Fit for sender:
A4、A5、A6、A601、A602、A603 dual mode player;
Asynchronous controller;
T901、T901B、T901S synchronous controller;VP210、
VP410 video processor
Module type: Compatible with all common IC module, supported most PWM
IC module.
Scan mode: Supports any scanning method from static to 1/64 scan
Communication method: Gigabit Ethernet
Outdoor module width ≤256, Indoor module width ≤128
Multi-card connection: Receiving card can be put in any sequence
Gray scale: 256~65536
Smart setting: A few simple steps to complete the smart settings, through the
screen layout can be set to go with any alignment of the screen
unit board
Test functions: Receiving card integrated screen test function,Test display
brightness uniformity and display module flatness.
Communication distance: Super Cat5,Cat6 network cable within 80 meters
Port: 5V DC Power*2,1Gbps Ethernet port*2, HUB75E*16
Input voltage: 4V-6V
Working temperature: -40º~85ºC

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